5 Tips for Gaining Customers at Exhibitions

Corporate events and exhibitions are still as popular as ever and remain an excellent way to build brand awareness and gain new customers. But some businesses can come away feeling disappointed that their leads don’t convert. This has financial implications as businesses do not get their return on investment from exhibiting. Here are 5 top tips to come away from an event with new customers:


Promote the fact that you will be exhibiting at an event before the event takes place. Get people interested, invite people to come and visit. If you already have a catalogue of leads that you would like to convert find out if they will be attending the exhibition and invite them for a brief meeting at your stand, or in a communal space. This way you will already have warm leads that you could turn into customers.

Similarly visitors often research companies before they attend an event, so make sure you publicise exactly where you will be and what you will be offering. That way visitors interested in your product will know about you beforehand and seek you out.


Most exhibitions and conferences have networking events. Make full use of these. Do not always look for other exhibiting businesses to convert into customers, as most attend to sell, not to buy. Instead look for businesses that you can partner with for the event for mutual referencing. If you find another business that compliments yours then you will both increase the footfall to your stands if you agree to refer visitors to each other.

Stand out from the crowd

Make sure that your stand portrays your brand perfectly. Keep it professional, smart, modern and display your products or services. Screenfocus can design and print you the perfect exhibition stands that will create a real wow-factor. Whoever is working on the stand also needs to keep the energy levels up and attract more customers by actively seeking them out and being as approachable as possible, rather than sitting and waiting for visitors to come to them.

Keep it personal

After an exhibition visitors will be swamped with automated follow-up emails, leaflets and information, the majority of which instantly get thrown out without a second glance. That is why you need to keep things personal. Not every customer will be interested in everything you offer. When you talk to people find out exactly how you can help them. Include details such as how many orders they will need and when their deadlines are etc. Take the customer’s name and tell them your name. That way after the event you can send them accurate quotes, remind them of your conversation and offer them exactly what they want. This will make you more memorable and increase the chance of converting them into a customer. Personal emails take a lot longer to send and than automated emails, but it will be worth it in the long run.

Seal the deal

Don’t just have your stand in order to get leads, have the facilities to seal the deal on the spot. Many visitors will know exactly what they want so if you can offer it they may be willing to buy or sign up straight away. Don’t miss these opportunities. Make sure your exhibition staff are able to quote and sell and you may be able to get customers straight away on the day.

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