The Art of Design

At Screenfocus we design and create the perfect exhibition stands for exhibitions, events and conferences. There is a particular art to the design work that goes into these displays which is a good reason to outsource the work to experts.

At an exhibition you may have thousands of people walking past your stand and you need to entice these people to come and visit you and find out more. It is the first impressions that really count in this process. Exhibition stand design is vitally important to making the most of your display. Exhibition visitors pass judgement in a split second, as they only have a finite amount of time to explore all the brands that are exhibiting. An exhibition stand needs to convey the essence of your brand, your brand positioning, and what you offer very clearly and obviously and at the same time it must be something that stands out and looks inviting.

You may require several different products on your exhibition stand, such as pop-up banners and poster displays that all work together to communicate to your audience. How you angle these products and where you place them will greatly affect the visibility of your messages. Screenfocus can work with you to produce the perfect display that works seamlessly, rather than having a collection of different display materials that may not match.

It is recommended that you only communicate what is absolutely necessary via your display stands, your sales staff can do the rest. Bombarding customers with information will put them off as they do not have time to take everything in. Visuals work very well, giving potential customers a real feel for what you do and previous examples of work.

Once we have worked with you to decide on your message, visuals and stand design we ensure that all the banners and stands are designed perfectly for the larger format. It is difficult to imagine from a computer screen how display stands will look once they are life-size. This is where our experience comes in, so everything that is printed will be visually perfect, sharp and clear, creating the best impression for your brand.

There is much more involved with exhibition stand design than you might think. You may only have one chance to create the right impression and gain those all-important customers.

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