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Let us take the stress out of building your exhibition stand

Exhibitions and Trade Shows

Exhibition StandExhibitions and trade shows are an essential part of a company’s marketing activities. Whether the exhibitions are national, international or more localised and regionally based, they can help you find a way into new markets and help you source new buyers. Exhibitions can provide a company with a way of showcasing products and services, both new and existing, to a captivated audience.

The visitors attending trade shows and exhibitions are already interested in the type of products and services on offer at any particular trade show and for a company exhibiting at these events, the amount of footfall you experience will be on a much larger scale than can be reached on any other given day through a company’s usual day-to-day marketing activities.

Exhibitions and trade shows can work out to be expensive, both in terms of finances and resources, as you need to factor in some or all of the following:

  • cost of the stand
  • dressing the stand
  • time away from the office / workplace for the show
  • time to build the stand
  • marketing materials
  • accommodation and transport

The list sometimes can seem endless, but this is where we can help.

Exhibition Stand Builders

Once you have committed to exhibiting at an event and as soon as you book your exhibition space, ideas will more than likely have started forming in your head about how you want your exhibition stand to look. Sometimes these ideas can make your budget spiral out of control or sometimes they can stay just that – as ideas. You will want to provide your visitors with a visual impact. But you will also be wanting to stay within a budget.

This is where we can help. We have a vast experience of exhibitions and trade shows. We understand how they operate and we know the time plan that the exhibition organisers work towards. We can work with any size exhibition stand and with any type of space. We can setup and install your exhibition stand for you which frees you up to spend valuable time in the office / workplace and less time at the exhibition during the installation and dismantling days either side of the exhibition

Exhibitions are a costly marketing activity and therefore it is essential that you get your exhibition display right. By investing a large chunk of your company’s marketing budget into displaying at an exhibition, you want to make sure that the return of investment you receive is the best that it can be. Let us help you organise your next exhibition stand display and let us help you create the exhibition stand that will make you stand out from your competitors. Why not get in touch so that we can discuss your company’s exhibition needs?

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