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Creative use of Poster Display Panels to draw exhibition traffic

For us at Screen Focus our Poster Display Panels are proving a popular choice when wanting to present a precise and clear message to attract both potential and existing clients onto your exhibition stand. Attending a trade show to exhibit your product is likely to be a costly activity but it is considered one of the most effective and efficient ways to market your business. The opportunity of meeting both existing and potential clients face to face will more than compensate for the cost of actually attending, as it is well recognised that this type of activity is far more worthwhile in terms of generating sales leads than almost any other company activity. Not only do you get the opportunity to meet and greet clients personally but you also get a higher chance of actually closing the sale due to the personal level of trust that you can build during your meeting.

Poster Display PanelsSo it is essential to draw these visitors off the gangways and directly onto your exhibition space so that the business can take place. To do this your stand needs to be visually engaging and what better way to do this than by including a series of Poster Display Panels at the perimeter of your stand, each presenting a series of compelling and attention seeking graphics which engage with passers by.

The Poster Display Panel system includes a series of velcro display panels, which can be used for presenting marketing material and in some cases, if creatively positioned can create a mini shell scheme within the display stand, forming smaller more intimate meeting areas. Or alternatively if displaying on a smaller scale they can act as the outer perimeter walls for your actual stand, with each then adorned with eye-catching material to draw attention of the exhibition traffic, passing by.

Poster Display PanelsThe arrangement is extremely versatile as boards can be positioned either in landscape or portrait orientation, single or double tiered, so the opportunities are endless. Another benefit of such a versatile kit is that their use does not have to be limited to exhibitions – they can also be used as semi permanent features within the office as Room Dividers or as Information Boards in a Reception area. This really is a user friendly system and provides a flexible solution for all your presentation needs.