Why Corporate Events Matter As Much As Ever

Those who work in sales and marketing today have more options than ever when it comes to reaching out to their audience.

As a result of all of this, many companies don’t take the necessary steps to engage their customers and prospects face to face. It’s much easier, not to mention cheaper, to publicise as much as possible from a desk or even just a smartphone.

Real-world sales might be the oldest form of outreach, but that doesn’t make it obsolete. Far from it – the range of ways in which you can engage your leads when you’re in the room with them have diversified and improved, like every mode of communication.

Take, for example, digital signage – which can serve up the latest relevant information in real time, whether it’s a stream of tweets all using a particular hashtag, or a live video feed from another location.

And the equipment used to set up your display is becoming more affordable and versatile all the time as well. Deciding to get into exhibiting, if you don’t already, is no longer the investment that it used to be as every part of the process has become streamlined over time. If you’re in any doubt over that, you need look no further than our own offerings in this area, including reconfigurable, modular shell schemes and ultra-portable display stands, to name but two.

What’s more, you can actually use to your advantage the fact that you are selling in an environment where impersonal digital communication rules. Face to face encounters tend to make much better impressions on people than an email or a tweet – so by getting out there you are making a much better impression than if you stayed in the office.

When you attend a conference, convention or other business event, you are embracing fantastic opportunities for networking. Specifically, as well as meeting potential clients, you are rubbing shoulders with people in your industry who could help you further your career and your business.

With a proper plan in place and a determination to make the most of your conference experience, you can’t fail to recognise the importance of attending as many as you reasonably can!

So while many exhibitors focus on the event as being purely a platform from which to sell, they are really only seeing half the picture.

Such salespeople may not be taking the time to network as much as they could with suppliers, consultants and even business rivals who can give plenty of ways for your to advance.


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