What Information to Put on Your Exhibition Display Stand

Undoubtedly you offer a comprehensive selection of services or products that you want to communicate to potential customers when attending an exhibition or event. Not all of these will fit onto your exhibition display stand. How do you decide what information you put on your display stand when you attend an exhibition?


In order to be recognisable both at the exhibition and after the event you must make sure your exhibition display stand is heavily branded. Include your logo, your brand colours, fonts, images etc. Make sure that your exhibition stand matches all your other promotional materials, such as your website, brochure, leaflets and business cards.


The saying goes that a picture paints a thousand words. Using images on your exhibition display stand will often convey your products or service far more efficiently and effectively than a written description. From an image a potential customer can see at a quick glance what it is you offer, without having to stand and read something. If somebody is looking out for your product or service then a good image will instantly attract their attention, unlike words, which they may miss.

Contact Details

Not everybody visiting an exhibition will have time to stop and talk to every company that they want to find out more about. Display your website address clearly so people passing will know how to find you after the event if they do not have time to stop and talk.

Your USPs

If you are attending an event or exhibition and it is likely that many of your competitors will also be attending make sure you highlight your USPs on your exhibition stand. If you have made it obvious from your branding and imagery what it is you offer then you do not have to waste valuable writing with repeating it. Instead try to entice people over with your USPs. What does your company offer that the company in the stand next door not offer? Why should somebody choose you? If you can sum this up in a few simple words then you will attract more people to your stand.

Tailored Information

Consider what type of people will be at the exhibition, what will they be looking for? Do not try to sell all your products or services at once, instead try to push what will be most suitable at that event. You will be a lot more successful this way. Once you have people talking you can always up-sell to your other products or services, but attract people to your stand with whatever will be most successful.

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