How to Manage A Conference Through Social Media

As our phones and tablets get smarter, so too do the ways in which we use them. Almost every industry is benefitting from the digital revolution, and that especially applies to sectors based around sales and networking. That means that the events and exhibit industry is undergoing some radical changes.

As we start the New Year, many people are thinking of making new beginnings. While some of these might be short-lived, we’re hopeful that exhibitors, venue management and attendees at conferences will thrive on new ways to connect.

There are countless ways for delegates to increase their connectivity with those around them and better highlight their presence – and we’re marching ahead at great speed. So that you don’t get left behind, we’ll share some of the best ways to make the most of modern technology at trade shows and other events that you organise.

As we’ve mentioned, social media is an incredible tool for conferences as both are based around human connections. A plethora of apps exist to allow us to network even smarter.

For example, hosting venues can easily deploy all the information that delegates needs via an app. All the visitor has to do is sign in to the app on their own device; they then have virtually everything they need at their fingertips. Some of the things that become possible include:

  • Automatic sign in as the delegate approaches the venue
  • Automatically sign on to venue’s wireless internet network
  • Full, detailed maps of the conference centre with points of interest highlighted
  • Interactive seating plans through which the user selects their seat in an auditorium with a tap of the finger
  • Ability to search for the physical location of individuals and stands
  • Live feed of social media activity surrounding the event collected via hashtags.

If you manage a venue you should know that such apps can be very easy to set up and reasonably priced too (some are even free, but you get what you pay for). If on the other hand you merely attend trade shows a lot, you may just want to put pressure on venues to provide such services.

As you’ll see from the short list above, the tools that the venue provides can not just make it easier to get around the building, but can help promote delegates and the brands they represent – an absolutely fantastic selling point.

If you make the choice to offer a comprehensive range of services at conferences now, you’ll have an edge over your competition. In a few years however, you’ll find that guests will have come to expect nothing less. Why wait?

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