What Do You Need To Design An Outstanding Exhibition Stand?

Poster display panelsWe think of ourselves as being a complete one-stop solution for all your needs relating to exhibition display stands. That means you really can just come to us with a budget and an outline of what you want to achieve – but equally, this also means you can come to us if there are just one or two elements of your display that you’re missing.

Designing brilliant and effective stands is part of what we do, but it could be that you would just like to buy or rent the components that we make available, and decide how they are to be configured yourself.

In that case, you would benefit from knowing as much as you possibly can about all the different kinds of stands, panels and systems to deliver your message and promote your organisation in the way that best attracts the attention of your market.

Each piece of display apparatus we provide has its own strengths that you will want to consider, in parallel with your own needs, the values of your organisation and the nature of the event, in order to make the best choice.

For example, stands tend to be easier to set up, pack away and store than panels. This means if you have circumstances under which those would be big advantages, you may wish to consider integrating them into your display.

This might be because, for instance, you have only a car rather than a van or truck for transport to and from an event. Or it may be because you do not anticipate having a great deal of space to set up – and so everything must be easy to fit into a small booth.

Panels on the other hand are more versatile once they are actually assembled. They can be used as barriers, surfaces on which to display posters, as a backdrop or any combination of these purposes.

A panel serves the purpose not merely of separating your booth from the neighbouring one, but of being a kind of hoarding on which to display posters and other visual content.

Most likely, your booth will comprise a number of different pieces – you have to think not only about whether you can use a panel and pole stand for its practical purpose, but also whether it looks aesthetically appealing. That means that when you design your display, you will want to experiment with a variety of equipment.


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