Do You Need To Hire Entertainment For Your Event Booth?

ClownsOne of the most important parts of making a great impression when you turn up at a business event, is making sure you have a winning booth. While that is something that will make a positive difference, it’s not enough by itself. You need engaging staff, a clear message – and some would say that a gimmick such as an entertainer always helps as well.

Services in entertainment to the event industry is itself a sizeable industry. With events and entertainment so often considered to be so closely linked as to be nearly synonymous, would every conference benefit from a band or a comedian around the place?

If you’ve been to a decent number of conferences, you may well have noticed that the most entertaining exhibits are often the ones pulling in the most visitors.

Nevertheless, it may well be the case that delegates are stopping by the booth just to listen, engage and take pictures – but only with the entertainer.

If very few of those visitors stay and chat, and fewer still go on to do business with those companies, they may well struggle to recoup the cost of the entertainer.

On the other hand, entertainers do serve as ice breakers, giving delegates an excuse to approach. When properly selected and placed, they can give you a real edge over other exhibitors.

If you choose to take this route however, you’ll find the work isn’t done here. It will still be necessary to engage those delegates who do come to take a look at the games, music, mascots or giveaways that you have organised.

When people approach to engage, don’t be shy about engaging them in a conversation about their work, or handing them some literature.

Even if the person only went in your direction for a better look at the entertainment, they’re less likely to walk away when you make an attempt to convey to them your message.

It’s always good as well if your entertainment links in some way to your theme or offering. For example, a sports academy may wish to set up a game or challenge involving physical prowess.

Though a comedian or juggler may make people more likely to spot your booth, it doesn’t always lead to a conversion, or even a much greater probability of a guest taking a pamphlet.

As with almost any tool, it’s not enough simply to have an entertainer present; rather, you must know how to properly employ them for best results.

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