The Perfectly Simple Pop Up Exhibition Display

Have you ever had to attend an exhibition on your own and looked on with envy at others, who have their display up and looking magnificent within minutes, whilst you labour over your heavy duty construction. If this is the case you need a Pop Up Exhibition Display.

This is an extremely versatile form of exhibition display, as it is compactly cased in Travel Units, which can easily be stored in the boot of a car when not in use or for transportation to and from events.

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When at the event there’s also no need to feel pressured to get a parking space close to the entrance, to avoid the strain of carrying the display in. The Pop Up Exhibition Display, travel units are lightweight cases, which are fitted with wheels, so as soon as upright all you need to do in steer them in the right direction.

Now comes the magic, which others will look at in awe, open the lid, withdraw the web construction, stretch to extend and simply fit the flexible wall panels into place. Your display is now erect !

All you need to do now is arrange your products / literature ready for your audience and polish yourself off so you’re ready to meet and greet.

How more simple could it be ?


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