The Personal Touch

When you have a stand at an exhibition it is important to make the most of the event and gain new customers and contacts. It is exhausting work speaking to so many new people and giving them the full speech. However, from the buyer’s point of view it is also exhausting to listen to so much information and to attempt to remember everything. That is why, as a seller at an exhibition it is imperative that you stand out from the crowd.

Screenfocus can design you the perfect exhibition stand to make your stand as approachable and informative as possible, but it is your sales staff that have to close the deal and make a real impression on new customers. What techniques should they use?

Screenfocus has over 20 years experience in the exhibition industry and we believe that face-to-face sales is still the best form of marketing and sales. However, your face-to-face sales needs to be up-to-scratch in order to be effective. One of the most important techniques you can use is the personal touch.

Learn about your customer

Rather than blasting every potential customer with information, take a break and ask each customer about themselves first. Not only will this give you the opportunity to tailor your sales to the exact requirements of the customer, but it will also perform the important task of differentiating the serious buyers from those who are only attending for a free pen and a lollipop. These people will only waste your time and energy, when you could be building a relationship with a serious buyer.

Finding out about the customer will give you the opportunity to give them tailored examples of how your product or service could help them. It will also give you strong cues for remembering the customer during future conversations.

Keep it friendly

It may seem very obvious, but being friendly is one of the most effective ways of developing a relationship with a customer. Surprisingly, not everybody likes to feel as if they are just being assessed for their monetary value when they talk to a sales person. Your sales staff should smile, make eye contact and remember the customer’s name when they are talking to them. It is amazing how many exhibition staff forget these basics.

Follow up

Always follow up after an exhibition, but remember that you will be competing against 50 other follow up emails. That is why it is so important to have some information from your customer in order to make follow up calls and emails personal and to offer something that is of real value to the customer. This way you will make an impression and stand a far better chance of making that sale.

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