The Subliminal Effect of Colours

Did you know that the colours you use for your exhibition stand have a huge effect on how your brand is perceived. The human brain has evolved to make snap judgements about brands, often subconsciously. Therefore by employing a professional exhibition stand designer to design your stand you will be employing their expertise in creating the right message with the layout, fonts and colours before your customer has even realised that they have taken an interest in your stand.

The shades and tones of the colours you use for your exhibition stand all play a large part in altering the subliminal messages that they send, but here is a basic list of the colours and the messages that they send to the consumer to get you thinking about the messages that they are sending out:

  • Black: authority, sophistication, formality, death.
  • Red: strength, passion, power, excitement, boldness, determination, desire, courage, warning.
  • Yellow: playfulness, wisdom, warmth, happiness, comfort, energy.
  • Orange: creativity, warmth, vibrancy, enthusiasm, adventurousness.
  • Green: nature, prosperity, nurturing, harmony, life, newness.
  • Blue: trustworthiness, reliability, loyalty, integrity, sadness.
  • Purple: royalty, spirituality, imagination, luxury, elegance, maturity.
  • Pink: femininity, softness, health.
  • Brown: earth, stability, balance, nature.
  • White: purity, cleanliness, innocence, simplicity, virtue.

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