Using an Exhibition Display to enhance your Conference Setting

It is getting close to that time of year when the planning of either the End of Year or Christmas Conference will be on the agenda and how to improve on last year’s event, will be the main objective of the event organiser. Providing a professional backdrop for management, guest speaker or MC, will definitely be a requirement and for that reason investing in an Exhibition Display will be a must do.

Poster Display Panels - Exhibition Display - Conference Set

At Screen Focus we constantly receive enquires for this type of product and as such have put together an Exhibition Display specifically for this purpose. Our Conference Set is a Panel Display system, which is designed to tailor specifically for each business we service, with the design itself perfectly reflecting the business and its brand identity.

Created from modular panels, this exhibition display is easy to assemble, dismantle and store. However, once in position we find that the exhibition display fails to be ever packed away, as many organisations feel that it is a great marketing tool to engage with visitors to their premises.

The panels themselves are velcro compatible, loop nylon so it easy to mount the poster panels which will deliver your company message. This could include bullet points and visuals, to illustrate business achievements to date and targets for the forthcoming year, congratulations for success and motivational messages to encourage.  When these are no longer relevant, we can design and supply updates to make this investment work for your business all year round.

So don’t delay, make your conference the most professional to date, with a backdrop that will project a powerful message and captivate your audience.


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