What is a Shell Scheme?

New to exhibitions and trade shows? Managing an event for the first time? Not sure what is meant by a Shell Scheme? We can explain.

What is a Shell Scheme?

Used within the Events and Exhibition Industry, a Shell Scheme is a contemporary modular system, that plays a very vital role –  it helps build display stands for many different trade shows, expositions (or Expos), fairs, exhibitions and events.

Due to their nature of being modular, Shell Scheme systems are built according to display requirements and can accommodate almost any size stand – from display stands with 3 square metres of floor space to 10 square metres or more.

The Shell Scheme system is flexible and adaptable and it can be tailored to accommodate the display that you wish to show whether you are an event organiser or a trade fair exhibitor.

Screen Focus Shell SchemeAre you an event organiser?

As the event organiser, you will be responsible for the layout of the hall where the exhibition is taking place and the Shell Scheme system is vital in helping you to manage the floor space for your exhibitors and visitors. The Shell Scheme sets out the rows along which your visitors will walk to browse your exhibitors’ display stands.

The Shell Scheme can help to establish uniformity if you require stands of the same size along each row, or it can help to create a dynamic display if you want variety across the exhibition floor.

Screen Focus Shell SchemeAre you an exhibitor?

The foundation of your stand will be the same as all other exhibitors using the Shell Scheme system, however, with a little creative flair and some imagination, you can make your stand distinct and unique through the use of displays, graphics and lighting.

With some creativity you can ensure that you stand out from the crowd and that you get your brand and message across to your visitors. After all, you want to be the one that the show’s visitors remember the most!

Screenfocus Shell Scheme

The Screenfocus Shell Scheme system is made up of polyweave display panels for the walls and loop nylon panels for the fascia boards. This ensures that the Shell Scheme is velcro compatible which allows for easier mounting of display and decoration and therefore almost effortless personalisation for the exhibitor.

Screenfocus offers a complete Shell Scheme service from layout design to nationwide installation to furniture hire to make the whole process of organising and managing your exhibition much easier and smoother.

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